Educational Resources

  • The Landing School

    Accredited education from The Landing School reinforces and preserves traditional design and construction methods while advancing the art of boat building, design and maintenance through the integration of modern techniques and contemporary materials. The marine industry values this unique training and has lauded The Landing School internationally with a reputation for graduates of exceptional quality.

  • American Boat and Yacht Council

    ABYC's nationally accredited certification program provides standards-based, continuing technical education for marine technicians throughout the industry.

  • SafetyWorks

    The Maine Department of Labor offers a diverse array of services to Maine workers, employers, and job seekers with the mission of promoting the economic well being of the labor force and employers, attracting and retaining a wide range of employment opportunities, promoting independence and lifelong learning, fostering economic stability, and ensuring the safe and fair treatment of all people on the job.

  • Maine Ocean School (high school)

    A theme-based high school education focused on Maine's maritime connection, with an emphasis on leadership, work ethic, and the transferable skills associated with careers involving the ocean.

  • The Apprenticeshop

    The Apprenticeshop is about inspiring personal growth through craftsmanship, community, and traditions of the sea. In line with this mission, hundreds of apprentices, interns, volunteers, and visitors have passed through our doors and left changed, just as hundreds of wooden boats have left the shop floor for new lives on the water.

Environmental & Safety

  • Air Emission Compliance Tool

    NEW - Introducing DEP’s new Self-Assessment Compliance Tool to Determine Air Emission License/Regulation Applicability for Boat Building and Repair Production Activities. This tool will help you track your production activities and self-determine if you may need a license.

  • NEW - DEP Webinar

    The DEP has added a new webinar to their training library Hazardous Waste Small Quantity Generator Training. The presentation lasts about 20 minutes and can be used for new employees or as a refresher for anyone in your company. The link will take you directly to the webinar.

  • NEW - OSHA Recordkeeping Regulations

    As of January 1, 2015, all employers must report All work-related fatalities within 8 hours. All work-related inpatient hospitalizations, all amputations and all losses of an eye within 24 hours. You can report to OSHA by Calling OSHA's free and confidential number at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742). Calling your closest Area Office during normal business hours. Using the new online form that will soon be available. Employers under Federal OSHA's jurisdiction must begin reporting by January 1.

  • Antifouling Contaminated Wash Water Permit

    On Oct. 14, 2009 the Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection adopted a new general permit for the discharge of antifouling contaminated wash water. Information - including permit language and supporting documents and forms - is available at this site.

  • Clean Boatyard & Marina Program

    A collaborative partnership among industry, state and federal agencies and environmental organizations dedicated to promoting best management practices in boatyards and marinas. The Program will help preserve and improve the natural resources upon which the industry and the people of Maine depend by reducing pollution.

  • Department of Environmental Protection

    DEP Home Page

  • BoatUS Article on Boat Cleaners

    BoatUS researches and tests the cleaning power and environmental impacts of a number of popular cleaning compounds, boat soaps, and cleansers.

  • Bottom Wash BMPs

    NEW - 9/2011: Maine DEP has released the bottom wash best management practices. These pages should be printed and added to your copy of Brightwork - A Best Management Practices Manual for Maine Boatyards and Marinas.

  • Brightworks: A Best Management Practices Manual for Maine Boatyards and Marinas

    This is the online version of Maine's most recent Best Management Practices manual for boatyards and marinas. The manual contains an incredible amount of useful information - you will definitely want to make use of this manual as you plan and conduct business in your facility.

  • DEP Webinars

    NEW - 2014 DEP has produced two webinars from workshops delivered at our 2013 Annual Conference. One deals with Air Emissions, the other Hazardous Waste.

  • Globally Harmonized System Training Video

    This 24 minute video will provide a general overview of the Globally Harmonized System for Material Safety Data Sheets. Click on the Maine Community College System link in the 7th paragraph. You will find the video about half way down the page

  • Handbook for Hazardous Waste Generators

    Hazardous Waste Generators are regulated in the State of Maine regardless of the volume of waste they generate. However, there are fewer waste management requirements if a site generates or stores a small volume of hazardous waste.

  • National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

    This page on Maine DEP's web site provides information about NESHAP and should be useful to any facility that is engaged in the spray application of various coatings as well as those who use a variety of products that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Office of Innovation and Assistance

    Housed within the Office of the Commissioner, the Office of Innovation and Assistance (OIA) provides the regulated community and general public a centralized place within the department to seek guidance and answers on Maine’s environmental regulations, laws, and policies. One of the top priorities of OIA is to increase environmental literacy, ensuring all Mainers are better stewards of our environment and natural resources. OIA staff are available to work with the general public, municipalities, businesses, and non-profits to address any questions and concerns that may arise, or to receive ideas for the department to better partner with the community.

  • OSHA - Water Rest Shade - Heat Safety Campaign

    You will find excellent resources here to help keep employees safe during hot summer months.

  • Solvent Contaminated Wiper Policy

    In 2013 US EPA published new rules regarding solvent contaminated wipers. This link will take you to their web site which contains a number of useful links with regard to the new rule.

  • Universal Waste Handbook

    February 2015 A universal waste is a hazardous waste that is widely generated. Individuals and small businesses that do not typically generate other hazardous waste generate these wastes. Very often, universal wastes end up in local landfills and town dumps. In an attempt to encourage recycling and reduce the amount of these wastes that are disposed of in an inappropriate manner, the State of Maine amended the Hazardous Waste Management Rules* to include a category called Universal Wastes.

  • WaterLog

    Water is our nation's Silent Infrastructure, and it's in need of at least as much attention as our highways. From water supply and water quality to sea level rise, what are communities doing to deal with their water problems? WaterLog is a unique place for practitioners to get answers to that question. We cover what’s happening at the national, state and local levels with a special focus on regional collaborative initiatives as well as public-private partnerships and alternative financing to prepare for sea level rise and increased flooding.

  • Worker Injury Data

    NEW - The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Standards has created a new, searchable database of worker injuries using Tableau visualizations that provides a true benchmark in terms of injury numbers and associated costs. The visualization is available on the Department of Labor’s website, April 2013.

Business Resources

  • FEMA - Business Continuity Plan

    Hurricanes happen! Along with all sorts of disasters - natural and manmade. The time for planning to survive and recover from a disaster is now - before it happens. FEMA has some excellent information to share on their web site that can help you plan - and then recover!

  • Maine PTAC Procurement Technical Assistance Center

    The Maine PTAC is part of a nationwide network of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, or PTAC's, that helps Maine small businesses obtain government contracts with the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, state and local governments and federal prime contractors. Let us show you how we are Maine’s Best Government Market Business Resource.

  • WorkShare

    WorkShare is an unemployment option that helps businesses retain their workforce during a temporary slowdown in work. The program allows employers to voluntarily reduce the hours of staff in lieu of layoffs. Employees of the business are allowed to collect a partial unemployment benefit to help them offset the loss of income.

Employers & Job-Seekers

  • Maine CareerCenter

    CareerCenter home page – services available for employers, job seekers and workforce development professionals.


    This site provides services for employers who would like to post job listings and people who are looking for employment opportunities in Maine.

  • O*NET OnLine

    The O*NET system serves as the nation's primary source of occupational information, providing comprehensive information on key attributes and characteristics of workers and occupations.

Audio and Video Links

  • Building Bridges

    The purpose of the Building Bridges Program is to provide Maine educators with knowledge, information and insights into certain industry sectors in Maine. Educators gain a deeper understanding of how to best prepare students to be successful in these industries.

  • For Students - Explore Careers in Marine Trades and Composites

    Check out the opportunities in marine and composites industries in Maine. Find careers with variety, technology, and fun.

  • ProBoat Radio Show

    The March 23, 2010 show focused on activities, events, and plans put into motion by the Maine Marine Trades Association. Susan Swanton described what this very active MTA has to offer to its membership -- and to the rest of us. Susan also introduced us to Tuesdi Woodworth, the new director of the Marine Systems Training Center (MSTC). Listen now to find out how MMTA has taken on "ownership" of the MSTC and to learn all the reasons why companies should become part of their own MTA.

  • True Course Yachting on Grow Maine Show!

    True Course Yachting President Ben Davis was recently interviewed by Marty Grohman for the Grow Maine Show - a podcast available on iTunes. Hear Ben and Marty's conversation about doing business in the marine industry in Maine - and other places!

Promoting Growth, Prosperity, &
Cooperation Within the Marine
Industry in Maine

Promoting Growth, Prosperity, &
Cooperation Within the Marine
Industry in Maine