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Picture From the traditional beauty of wooden boat construction, repair and restoration to the technological advances in composites construction, propulsion systems and electronics there are many exciting careers to be had in Maine's boating industry. Career pathways exist for nearly every occupation. Employment in the industry is primarily year round, full time with many companies offering competitive wages and benefits packages. People who become successful in the industry are typically highly motivated, energetic and passionate about their work. Many of them enjoy working on or near the water and are actively engaged in boating as a pastime. Excellent post secondary educational and training opportunities are plentiful in Maine - with graduates of recognized programs quickly finding employment in the industry.

Whether you enjoy tinkering with motors or finely crafting a piece of wood, if computers or electronics tickle your fancy or you are fascinated by chemistry or solving problems, chances are good that there is a great career waiting for you in the industry! If you would like more information about possible careers or educational and training opportunities please visit the "Employers & Job Seekers" and "Educational Resources" areas located on the Links page of this web site.

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Picture Registered apprenticeship is a voluntary industry-driven training program. Apprenticeships are established under a set of apprenticeship standards, which include an on-the-job training outline, related classroom instruction curriculum and operating procedures. The Maine Marine Trades Apprenticeship Program was created by members of the Maine Marine Trade Association in partnership with the Maine Dept. of Labor's Director of Apprenticeship Standards. It is part of the Maine Apprenticeship Program and affords both employers and employees with excellent opportunities. For employees - new or seasoned - apprenticeship is a great way to formalize the kind of on-the-job training that exists in so many of our businesses today.

Employees have an opportunity to earn college credits for the related academic portions of their apprenticeship and when successfully completed are entitled to a nationally recognized credential. Employers who sponsor apprentices can build a highly skilled workforce for their company. Apprenticeships are customizable for your company! Pre-Apprenticeships are available for high school juniors and seniors who are at least sixteen years old.

The Maine Marine Trades Apprenticeship Program recognizes six occupations:
  •  Wood Boat Builder (MMTA)
  •  Marine Joiner (MMTA)
  •  Marine Electrician (MMTA)
  •  Marine Engine Service Technician (MMTA)
  •  Marine Certified Composites Technician (MMTA)
  •  Marine Tradesperson (MMTA)

For more information about Apprenticeships please visit the Links section of this web site.
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