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Mission Statement
The Maine Clean Boatyards & Marinas Program is a collaborative partnership among industry, state and federal agencies and environmental organizations dedicated to promoting best management practices in boatyards and marinas. The Program will help preserve and improve the natural resources upon which the industry and the people of Maine depend by reducing pollution.

How The Program Works
Participants conduct a facility self-assessment using the Best Management Practices (BMP) Checklist in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and to determine areas that need improvement.

At a time convenient to the facility operator a verification visit will be conducted to determine "Clean Marina" status.

Upon successful completion of the verification visit an award will be presented and the facility will be publicly recognized.
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Conduct a self-assessment of your facility
Use the BMP checklist to assess your facility's performance in the areas of stormwater management, erosion, sedimentation control; boat maintenance and repair, fueling activities/petroleum control; waste recycling, disposal and storage; boat pumpouts and sewage. You will be judged only those criteria that apply to your operations. You may at any time during this process request technical assistance from MMTA, other clean marinas and/or Program partners.

Take the Pledge
By signing the pledge you commit to "do your part" to keep Maine's waterways free of harmful pollutants. Send us a signed copy of the Pledge and display the original in a high traffic area of your shop.

Schedule a verification visit
Once you feel that your facility meets the award standards described in the BMP checklist call MMTA to schedule a verification visit. A verification team will visit your facility to verify the items marked on your checklist and determine your score.

Enjoy your rewards!
As soon as a determination of status is made you will be notified and publicity for your achievements will be sought. At this point you will be presented with a certificate and a flag to fly and you will be able and encouraged to use the Maine Clean Boatyards & Marinas logo on your company stationery and in your advertising and marketing.

Maintain your Clean Boatyard/Marina status
Annually conduct a self-assessment of your facility, sign a fresh pledge and forward it to MMTA. Every third year contact MMTA to schedule a meeting to reconfirm your status.

Benefits to Business
 • Make improvements to achieve compliance - at your own pace
 • Technical assistance, peer support and recognition.
 • Credible evidence of your commitment to a clean environment with your neighbors and municipal officials.
 • Attract responsible customers who will respect and follow clean boating practices.
 • Free publicity through news releases and Program events.
 • Use of Maine Clean Boatyards & Marinas Program logo for advertising, marketing and more.